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Hello 2022!

Our well-established CWS Concrete Washout has remained the product of choice for washing off concrete wagons and equipment onsite whilst demand for Water Treatment tanks and systems for filtration and/or separation has continued to grow. We've remained consistent in releasing new products to help ensure safe and compliant waste-water treatment on building sites across the UK and overseas including a range of modular Dosing Units used for monitoring and controlling pH & TSS levels and/or providing proportional chemical dosing.

We were also able to attain Constructionline Gold Membership, SSIP and Acclaim Accreditation ensuring we meet the PAS91 and Common Assessment Standard.

Moving into 2022, we are expanding our fleet and product range as well as improving their facilities and attracting more talent to team KT. We're also looking forward to giving back to their local community and keyworkers again this year with continued volunteering and donations.

Innovation and sustainability also remain our focus, kicked off with the introduction of a mobile renewable energy system that unlike existing options, does not require a backup generator. The hybrid solar & wind unit is ideal for generating power in remote areas in all seasons and the systems Wind Solar Hybrid MPPT Controller with dump load provides protection functions such as overcharge, over discharge and overload to guarantee peace of mind that power is successfully generated and stored ensuring the user is never left without power.

Our innovative product range is complemented by our commitment to excellent customer service. As a company we pride ourselves in putting the customer first. We are proud of our fast, nimble approach in providing our customer with exactly what they need. As well as our equipment, we can supply familiarisation training, testing services and full onsite water management teams. We also design and build bespoke systems to ensure our customer always receive the best equipment for their application.


  • Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry

  • Fast and Simple to Set up

  • Small Footprint equipment available

  • Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics

  • Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment

  • Reduce off-site disposal costs

  • Reduce risk of pollution

  • Easy to use equipment

2022 will also see Kelly Tanks exhibit at the UK Concrete Show in May and Hillhead in June where they are expected to showcase their latest developments in Concrete Washout & Water Treatment.

Finally, we'll take this opportunity to thank our new and existing customers and contacts for their continued support and wish you all well for 2022!


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