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Drumblaster Install - Mark Bates & Sons

Last week we had the pleasure of installing a Drumblaster for Mark Bates & Sons in Greater Manchester.

UK's latest and most efficient internal drum washout system

Easy to install, very easy to operate and has a very low maintenance cost. A DrumBlaster unit can be used 24/7 and will easily service a large fleet of trucks. ​The 5 minute cycle saves time and water versus traditional washout methods.​

"As the business continues to grow we continue to invest heavily in our people and the equipment we use to ensure we stay ahead of the game.

Today we have seen the installation of our new DrumBlaster equipment.

As one of the first Readymix suppliers within the UK to install this equipment we really are leading the way.

Keeping our people safe is our priority and the installation of this equipment will remove the need for our drivers to enter their drums to remove buildup. #safetyfirst.

This will also reduce truck downtime and further strengthen our customer promise of "being on time, everytime"."


For more info on the Drumblaster click here -

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