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THP Innovative Water Jetting Solutions - HpC Case Study

THP's classy approach to providing quality service, along with their commitment to innovation make them world leaders in Hydrodemolition.


On-site Waste Water Treatment

The use of the HPC water treatment system allows treatment of suspended solids (MES) and wastewater PH correction hydrodemolition up to 8 m 3 /h.

The HPC is a hydrodemolition effluent treatment system consisting of:

  • An HPC filtration bag to capture solid particles. 70 µm filtration

  • A lamellar settling for sedimentmentation of suspended solids

  • Automated CO2 injection management to neutralise and control the pH

A simple and effective solution for all construction sites, liquid hydrodemolition sludge is sent to the HPC filtration big bag in which the solids are retained.

The effluent filtered then passes through a phase of neutral pH reading controlled by a probe connected to automaton. If the pH level is not in the predefined parameters, the unit of dosing initializes CO2 dosing until it is reduced to the desired level.

The water then passes through a clarifier lamellar, where residual suspended solids are captured, at the low point of the hopper, and the water can then be rejected.

pH 7 | 30mg/ltr | 25NTU | 8m3 p/hr

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