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Reduce chipping costs & frequency

Using the DrumBlaster a few minutes each day reduces concrete buildup by 85%+ This greatly reduces the need for chipping services and lowers your annual chipping costs including, the associated hassles of hazardous entry permits, trucks out of service and drum damage.

Control the variables

Regardless of the causes of concrete buildup such as, type and strength of concrete, ie; curb mix, admixtures, temperature, waiting time on the job site or driver performance. Using the DrumBlaster on a daily basis controls the variables and reduces concrete buildup.

Get a competitive edge

By self-certifying that mixer drum buildup is controlled on a daily basis using DrumBlaster Buildup Control Technology your sales team and your contractor partners will have a competitive edge over the competition especially, on high profile projects where stringent QC specification are required.

Increased capacity & productivity

With buildup under control your fleet of mixers can deliver more full loads more often. Eliminate the unproductive and costly practice of hauling hardened concrete to and from the jobsite.

Take advantage of fuel savings

An 85%+ reduction in concrete build up impacts the bottom line in many ways. A savings in fuel costs is a result you can measure on every load of concrete delivered to the job site.

Reduced tare weights

With a major reduction in concrete buildup the challenge of managing Tare Weights is within your control. Lower the risks of costly overweight fines and associated lost production while preventing the consequences of rollovers due to unstable loads.

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